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Silver Stater From Cilicia - FJ.5247
Origin: Turkey
Circa: 350 BC

Collection: Greek Silver Coin Ring
Medium: Silver-Gold

Additional Information: Sold

Location: United States
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Mounted in a stunning 18 karat gold ring.

The coins of antiquity are timeless works of art, their appeal lying both in their imagery and in their history--in the certain knowledge that others have held them, used them and admired them centuries ago. Ancient coins bring to life the wonders of a vanished time, allowing us to touch these distant worlds in an intimate way. This stunning silver coin is from an area of Asia Minor known centuries ago as Cilicia (modern-day southern coastal Turkey). On one side we see the extraordinary image of a naked male figure riding a beautiful horse. With whip in hand, the rider commands his horse to quicken the pace, while our imagination envisions the pair in tandem motion. The reverse side of the coin depicts a kneeling goat with his head turned back. The creative and skillful rendering of these images is a testament to the ancient artists who so brilliantly captured the spirit of the times in this elegant silver coin, now framed in a regal gold ring setting.
- (FJ.5247)


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